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How to add some savory taste to your sweetness: My top 5 tips!


Not only do I love sweetness, I love it when something a bit savory is added to my dessert. Take a look around, some popular savory ingredients are already in our favorites sweet treats: sea salt in caramels, carrots in carrot cake, bitter chocolate in cake, and a super salty cheese in any cheese-based desserts.
If it is a coarse sea salt, a dark chocolate sauce, or a roasted vegetable, adding some zest tones will balance out your favorite sweet treat.

Interested in making your sweet treats a bit more savory? Check out my top 5 tips:

1) Switching to coarse sea salt versus iodized (or, small granulated grain) salt
Pure sea salt comes from the sea and has a true salt flavor. Iodized salt is salt with iodine, but the size of the salt grain is very small. Small grain salt is desired when you truly want to mix the salt into your batter or dough. Baking/cooking with a larger grain of salt (like sea salt or kosher salt) will had a 'chance' of a salt bite in your desserts, w…

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